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On the Road Again on Route 66! to Oklahoma!

Thinking of taking a post pandemic vacation but don't want to get in a plane with a bunch of people?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and be within walking distance from the day’s hike, paddle, or climb. How about ending your day sipping your favorite beverage by the campfire instead of spending days of your vacation in an airport or worrying about finding (or paying for) a hotel every single night?

If this sounds like a dream come true, an RV trip may be the right choice for you!

RV travel is a lot slower than your average weekend road trip, so take it all in and enjoy the ride!

Let's take a slow trip down Route 66! First stop, Oklahoma!

Tulsa is a great town, with fun places to visit like the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Tulsa Zoo. Also, if you love fun roadside attractions, don’t miss the Blue Whale of Catoosa! It’s even got a water slide, and an on-site picnic spot, too, so you can hang out for a while and have some lunch!

There are plenty of lovely RV campsites in Tulsa, or you can just make it a day trip and head on to our next stop in Oklahoma! Come back to read about all the fun things to do in Oklahoma City!

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